Creative, Health and Wellbeing Partnership Survey

The Creative, Health and Wellbeing Partnership is moving forward with a model of inclusivity, engagement and distributed leadership, enabling all members to play a role in how it develops. It is very important to us to hear what people would like from the Partnership, why they are interested and how they would like to be involved.

We designed a short survey and here you can see the analysis of the results so far.

We’ve had 102 responses to the survey (70 from the Let’s Talk Cornwall page and 32 from Arts Well’s database). Almost  half of those responding described themselves as freelance artists/creative practitioners, and almost a quarter worked in arts, cultural or education organisations.

We have responses from all parts of Cornwall, but with a significantly higher level of responses from people who live and/or work in Falmouth, Penzance, Truro, and Redruth, which is unsurprising. But it is good to know that there are people right across the whole of Cornwall with an interest in this work that we can build upon.

The survey remains open so you can still participate – you can find it here.

Bar chart showing what people hope to get from being part of the Partnership. Top is networking and collaboration, followed by information about work happening in Cornwall

Bar chart showing communication preferences. Emails is the most popular followed by a regular newsletter, website and online meeetings
Bar chart showing the particular interests of respondents. Top is mental health and wellbeing followed by community development, environmental issues and climate change, children and young people and older people

Bar chart showing the creative media that respondents are interested in. The top response is visual arts, closely followed by art gallery, museums, and festivals and combined arts.