Chorus Connections

We are delighted to be partnering with Little Bird Music, Mountford House Care Home and Truro Nursery School on an intergenerational music programme.

Chorus Connections is an intergenerational music programme that brings together young and older people in their communities to enjoy singing and music together in weekly music workshops incorporating singing and percussions. The sessions are being delivered by Little Bird Music  and will start in November this year and run through to the summer of 2019.

Singing and learning music together provides enhanced social cohesion, enjoyment, personal development and empowerment and has been proven to contribute to recovery from depression and maintenance of personal well-being through the latter stages of life.

The aims of Chorus Connections – for all involved – are to:

• Increase self-esteem, confidence and level of participation

• Offer opportunities for creative expression

• Increase levels of physical coordination of both fine and gross motor skills

• Stimulate memory recall and conversation

• Improve understanding between generations

• Increase language skills and communication

• Bring joy through music and the learning of something new.

We will be documenting and evaluating the programme carefully so that its design and benefits can be replicated elsewhere.