Arts Well: Workspace

Jubilee Wharf

As we come out of lockdown I'm looking to create affordable workspaces for people who want a change each week from their normal working environment - increasingly home for many of us - and would like to work alongside others interested in creativity, health and wellbeing.

One of the consequences of lockdown has been the increase in people working from home, only meeting up with colleagues and collaborators online. This has often been the case of course for freelance practitioners but they have been joined in this experience by others working in organisations that would normally have been in a workspace with others.

If you are looking for an occasional break from home working, in a place with people who share your interests, then take a look at our new offer of a hot-desking workspace here at Jubilee Wharf in Penryn.

We can offer hot-desking space for up to 6 people at a time. Spaces will be available to book for a half-day (9.30 – 1.00 or 1.00 – 4.30) at a cost of £7 per session, or a full day at £12. There are further discounts for anyone who books a series of days. As well as access to the usual facilities (wif-fi, kitchen, power, workspace and chair, tea and coffee), you will also have the opportunity to talk with others who are interested in the field of arts, creativity, health and wellbeing. You will be encouraged to take a refreshment break and to stay over (or drop in earlier) for lunch too.

We’ll be making sure that the space is Covid-compliant and in line with latest guidance on safe working environments.

To find out more or to book a space, contact

We are keen to create a positive environment which supports people’s wellbeing so any suggestions you have will be very welcome.

Our aim is to foster a collaborative and supportive workplace culture, whereby those unstructured conversations over coffee can happen between people who share an interest in creativity, health and wellbeing. And we all know what can come out of casual conversations. So, yes – come in with your laptop and headphones to do some focused work, but also be prepared to have a coffee break and lunch break with others and share your ideas about how we can progress arts and health work in our communities.

You can find out more about Jubilee Wharf itself here.